Top Goals for May 2015

Spring by Nancy Hotz

Spring by Nancy Hotz

One benefit of sharing goals with others is it provides accountability, also it inspires others to create goals of their own. All projects are a series of action steps, part of my aim with this blog is to share some of the creative work I do along the way.

Top 5 Creative Business Goals:

  • Music: Compose and record 1 hour per day (5 days per week) for 3rd album,  Riddle of the Illusionists Castle. Classical soundtrack style music.
  • Upload 10 songs for licensing to Luckstock
  • Digital Art: Complete album cover
  • Record the first three episodes of podcast. Avoiding perfection.
  • Writing: Complete one new article for HubPages. Write 1-2 posts for Unconventional Creativity

The home is often a part of our “office space”, the more peaceful we make the environment, the more simple it will be to create content. I’ve recently discovered Melissa Maker of Clean My Space on YouTube and find her video’s, which were created as a joint project with her husband, extremely motivating! 

Top 5 Homemaking Goals:

  • Deep cleaning home 1 hour per week
  • Declutter Basement 1 hour per week or (4 hours total)
  • Make healthy and yummy smoothies daily, using frozen bananas as the base
  • Pull weeds from yard for 1 hour
  • Declutter any stray visual noise from each room that has accumulated throughout the house

Take advantage of the extra spring in your step this season. May you have a productive month!

The image “Spring” used in this post was painted by my Mom, Nancy Hotz. Many of her paintings are of the trails of Thousand Oaks, Southern California.  You can find more of her work on Fine Art America.