Top Goals for November 2015

Top November Goals 2015

Photo by Rain San Martin

Top Creative Business Goals

  • Create one new digital art piece.  Below is my most recent art piece. I created the futuristic building using 3D Blender. This image was also used as my backdrop on LinkedIn.

Futuristic building. Art deco style. Created in 3D Blender. By Rain

  • Release one new informative “casual style” Living with Passionate Purpose YouTube video per week.
  • Record samples of my voice singing eeh’s, ooh’s, and aah’s in all 12 keys. Edit, modify and export  for use in future recordings.
  • Write one blog post per week for this Blog: Living with Passionate Purpose. One of which should be monthly goals, as I “show my work”.

Top 3 Domestic “Homemaking” Goals

  • Declutter for 15 minutes per day, paper clutter in 2 kitchen drawers. Big project.
  • Deep clean 15 minutes per day. Using Flylady’s cleaning list.
  • Have screen’s repaired at Do it Best.

Bonus: Lifestyle Experiment Goal

  • Listen to classical music for 30 minutes, Monday-Saturday.

It helps to sharpen my tools as a musician revisiting the fundamentals of classic composition and arrangement.  Keep in mind these are only the top goals, they are key projects which represent only a fraction of the work that is done. Good luck on your goals this month!