Don’t Wait for Friday Night to Enjoy Life

2017--09-14b Don't Wait for Friday Night

How often do we hear the term (Thank God It’s Friday) TGIF? Of course we all have work to handle at home as well as much needed rest. Yet I challenge you to look for the joys of life no matter your activity.

In this video I’ll discuss how we can be content and happy no matter what day of the week it is. Love life while working and resting!

Advantages of a Vintage Lifestyle

2017-08-26 Advantages of a Vintage Lifestyle b

*My YouTube video on this topic can be found here.

You can live a vintage lifestyle 24/7 or pick and choose elements from a specific time era or era’s. I personally consider myself a subdued Neo Victorian. “Neo-Victorian is an aesthetic movement which amalgamates Victorian and Edwardian aesthetic sensibilities with modern principles and technologies” (-Wikipedia) Essentially it is about a creative lifestyle as we have the power to design our lives! It pays to be aware of historical customs, fashions and technology as we may find value in it’s rediscovery for ourselves.