Feminine Style Video Series

2018-01-09 Feminine Homemaker Style

I’ve created a video series sharing my personal journey into feminine style. Like most females I started out wearing pants. Today I wear only skirts or dresses!

In my first video Feminine Homemaker Style I explain how I started out wearing fantasy T-shirts and Yoga Pants. Today I wear a “homemaker” uniform that is feminine and practical.

In my next video Feminine Professional Style,  I discuss how you don’t have to dress like a man to look professional. Toss in lace, ruffles and bows. Choose shirts and dresses instead of pants for feminine flare.

Stay tuned for the 3rd video in the series covering how I like to dress on a date. This is where I allow for fun and imagination when going out to a local coffee shop, symphony or exploration of a mysterious cemetery.

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