Practical Ways to Live the Vintage Lifestyle

2018-07-08-Practical Vintage Lifestyle

In my video The Practical Vintage Lifestyle I share ways to gradually transform your space into a retro style theme. I try to bring elements of the past into the modern world.  Ways to slow down and live more mindfully are also discussed.

Below are the listed Vintage Style Household items we own that were mentioned in the video.

Note these are also affiliate links which help support to this site.

*Paula Deen Steel Teakettle, Red

*8″ Table Retro-All-metal Construction Fan

*Surpars House Wood Retro Table Lamp

*Replogle Franklin Globe, Antique

*Lily’s Home Hourglass-15 Minute Cherry Wood

*Retro Coffee Sign. We got ours at the Johnny Appleseed festival, here in Fort Wayne, IN.

*The New Doubleday Cookbook Hardcover – 1985

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