My Morning Routine 2018


2018-07-16 Morning Routine

My basic morning routine (see YouTube video here):

Wake: 4:45am to 5:45am (Most days of the week)
*Get ready for day. Set hair with wet pin curls.
*Review calendar and key tasks.
*Enjoy coffee while reading blogs. -20 minutes
*Apply Makeup -complete process. May have YouTube videos on in background.
*Clean sinks and toilets of bathrooms.

Creative Business Hour: Done at the start of each day.
(3 solid 15 minute hourglass turns. Time cushion added.)
-15 minutes of article writing.
-15 minutes composing music.
-15 minutes digital art.

Here are links to the Tea Kettle, French Press and Hour Glass I use as a part of my Morning Routine. These affiliate links help to support this site.

*Paula Deen Steel Teakettle, Red

*Ritual French Coffee Press, Bamboo Wood

*Lily’s Home Hourglass-15 Minute Cherry Wood

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