Minimalist Kitchen

2018-08-24-Minimalist Kitchen.png

You can watch my video on this topic here on YouTube. My channel name is Rain San Martin, I post weekly video’s.

In our minimalist kitchen we use only the most essential kitchen tools. Here are our staples:

*wood cutting board
*chefs knife
*wooden spoon
*2 stainless steel pots
*tea kettle
*french press for coffee
*iron skillet
*several glass trays for the oven
*metal measuring spoons and cups
*wire whisk
*can opener with wooden handle
*wooden mixing bowl, glass mixing bowl

I no longer use:
*electric mixer
*I rarely use the microwave.
*I never owned a food process by choice.

Here are a few minimalist kitchen items we use in our home. These are also affiliate links:

Lodge L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Iron Skillet

Ritual French Coffee Press, Bamboo Wood

*Paula Deen Steel Teakettle, Red

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