My Evening Routine 2018

2018-08-30b Evening Routine

Post, image and video by Rain San Martin

*Homemaking hour: 15 min. each of decluttering, deep cleaning and paper work. Of course a tremendous more homemaking work is done each week. This is simply a detailed focus. (Note: Currently I do this just before the evening routine, in the late afternoon).
*Final straightening of house.
*Review calendar and key tasks for next day.
Here’s the heart warming calendar I use each year:
John Sloane’s Country Seasons (affiliate link)
*Set out clothes for next day.
*Sponge bath. Wash face and brush teeth.
*Work out with weights while watching Downton Abbey.
If you enjoy Downtown Abbey, you will adore this beautiful book:
Downton Abbey – A Celebration: The Official Companion to All Six Seasons (affiliate link)
*Lights out 8:45am. (Most nights of the week.)

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