Unplug for One Week Challenge-Digital Detox

2018-09-21c Unplugged

Post and video by Rain San Martin

I unplugged for one week! The benefits of taking a break from music, media, video and the internet are tremendous. You will feel your mind heal, thinking more clearly as a result. You may be flooded with new ideas and see your world in a new way. It’s a wonderful way reconnect with your family. There will be more time for projects around the house. You may also connect again with nature. Now I welcome you to join in this digital detox challenge.

What to avoid when you unplug:
*Anything using electronics
*Social Media
*Turn off smart phone notifications and abstain from apps. Only use for emergency phone calls.

What to do when you unplug:
*Read physical books. Visit the library.
*Write in a physical journal. Here is a nice Vintage Style Moleskin Journal (affiliate link) https://amzn.to/2xvByyc
*Deep clean the house.
*Spend time with your family.
*Reinvent yourself!
*Think deeply.
*Explore your town or city.
*Make a recipe using a cookbook.
*Paint, sketch or sew.
*Create a DIY project. Without online tutorials.
*Create a weekly day to unplug. For me, it was Sundays. I’ve now increased it to Saturdays and Sundays!

What to do once you’ve completed the challenge:
*Please post that you participated in the challenge in the comments!
*Once you return to media, consider reducing the amount you use on a daily basis. Track and limit consumption.

Be sure to view my video: Unplug for One Week Challenge-Digital Detox.

Have a productive, creative and fun week!


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