Power Hour-Clean With Me-Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

1280 x 720 YouTube Thumbnail-Clean with me

*Post and YouTube Video by Rain San Martin

Come join me as I complete the following tasks:

*Straighten and sweep the living room.
*Tidy the kitchen.
*Sweep kitchen.
*Scrub bathroom.

Setting the timer is a motivating way of staying focused on a period of work. I have instilled the habit of dressing up at home in a way that is feminine, yet allows me to move freely as I use my cleaning tools. My personal style is Romantic Vintage Gothic / Antique Gothic (steampunk without the gears and googles).  I also make a point to wear makeup, no matter the occasion. If you haven’t tried getting completely ready for your work at home, try it for yourself and see how much more productive you can be! In this video you can see some of our Halloween décor as well.

*The Crosley CR31-WA Retro Radio in our kitchen is from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NO9lrA (affiliate link)

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