Two Sided Pumpkin-Jack-O-Lantern-Wall Projection DIY

10-25-2018 Boo JackoLantern02b

Post, photo and video by Rain San Martin

Come carve a pumpkin with us as we create an amazing projection effect against the wall! This old fashioned technique involves carving one side with a “Boo!” word, then cutting a classic Jack O Lantern face on the opposite side. I am joined with our 8 year old son Orion, who also narrates in the video. We followed a Martha Stewart tutorial, yet I changed up a few things as I always do. For the sake of simplicity we used the tools we had on hand, rather than owning an additional pumpkin carving kit.

Here are the basic steps:

Step 1) Print or draw out a “BOO!” template ( and Jack O Lantern template (  I myself free-handed the template instead of printing it.

Step 2) Cut out a large hole, big enough to easily fit your hand and candle votive through.   A stainless steel 1/3 cup measuring tool worked great at scrapping the pumpkin seeds out. We also reserved our seeds in the fridge to bake for another time!

Step 3) Tack on the “Boo!” sign to the front side of the pumpkin.  A tack was also used to prick the image of the template directly onto the pumpkin.

Step 4) Scrape out the word “Boo!”A small screw driver was effective for this. Yet do not go all of the way through.

Step 5) Turn your pumpkin around and tack on the Jack O Lantern face template. Prick the shape of the Jack O Lantern with a tack or pen onto the pumpkin.

Step 6) Use a small steak knife or similar tool to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth, all of the way through.

Step 7) Place a lite candle votive into your Jack O Lantern with the face against a wall. The “Boo!” side should be facing forward. You should see the sign dimly lite and the Jack O Lantern face will project against the wall, if it is dark.

Tips:  If I were to do it over, I would draw the image directly onto the pumpkin with an erasable marker. Only for a more complex image would I do the pen prick transfer method. If you followed this video tutorial please let me know in the comments. Have fun carving your pumpkin!

Martha Stewart “Two Faced Pumpkin With Wall Projection” Tutorial:

Here is a link to a Moroccan Style Candle Lantern, similar to the one I used in the video: (affiliate link)

This is a link to the exact Retro Table Lamp sitting on our living room table: (affiliate link)


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