How to Handle Post Halloween Depression!

2018-11-05 Post Halloween Depression

Article and Video Audio Podcast by Rain San Martin

You’ve waited all winter, then spring for rumors of Halloween decor to make their first appearances in August. The flickering Jack O Lanterns, crisp autumn leaves, spooky home decor, whimsical costumes and mysterious organ music all make us think of Halloween  wonderment. After October 31st passes, many of us feel a melancholy tinge. It’s time to equip yourself with tools so you can enjoy present magical moments, get excited for the future and stay spooky!

Embrace fall as long as possible. That means abstaining from Christmas or Winter decor until December 1st.  This allows you to stretch out of the magic of Halloween or Fall for 4 full months! August is when many stores begin to get the first Halloween decor shipments.  This is when many of us Halloweenies get excited.  November is when the post Halloween Depression hits many of us. Yet, we can extend the wonderment of fall through November, and enjoy much of the Halloween Lifestyle throughout the year.

Avoid buying clearance Halloween decor in November. It can be very depressing seeing the bright discounted orange tags. More importantly you will have to walk past scores of Holiday decor to get to it. If it lifts your spirit to shop at this time, then by all means continue. For many of you I would recommend sticking with online shopping for any last minute Halloween clearance deals.  It’s best to avoid the retail scene in November as you will undoubtedly hear Holiday music 24/7.

Celebrate Valloween in February. One happy thought that can keep you going is the idea of Valloween. It’s a combo of Valentines and Halloween in one. Think Addams Family romance. Even if you’re single you can embrace a spooky romantic aesthetic.  Decorate your mantel with black and red roses. Set up decor February 1st. Valloween is an inspirational aesthetic for our bedroom. Last year when I learned of the concept for the first time I was motivated to take steps towards this decor style. The room has wine hued roses, romantic portraits taken at the cemetery, retro lights and black lace spiderweb fabric hanging against the master bed wall.  Order a romantic couple print taken in a cemetery, at a classical concert or other spooky local.

2018-08-28 Halloween Birthday Card-Winter

*Owl and moon Halloween card by American Greetings.

Give Halloween cards for other occasions.  In my video, How to Give Halloween Cards On Any Occasion, I showed a few cards I gave to my family for a birthday or anniversary. The fun thing about this is knowing you will be greeted with a happy reminder of the Halloween season. What I usually do is buy a card that is generically spooky.   Tip: Make sure you know the recipient will appreciate receiving these whimsical dark aesthetic cards, there not for everyone!

Celebrate Half Way to Halloween (AKA Spring O Ween) On instagram the hashtags: #springoween and #halfwaytohalloween will bring you to other like-minded Halloweenies who are celebrating Halfway to Halloween. It’s a reminder to stay inspired and think of creative ways to embrace a spooky or gothic aesthetic during spring.  There are Gothic Gardening DIY projects you could get involved in where you could make a gothic flower crown. Also be sure to research how to dress Gothic in the summer. Here is a lovely black rose flower crown (affiliate link) to get you in the mood.

Make a Countdown to August 1st.  The countdown to Halloween is lots of fun, yet why not make a countdown to August 1st, when the first rumors of Halloween decor begin to surface.  Many Instagramers will begin their Halloween countdown as soon as Forth of July has passed.

View old eerie films and classic spooky TV shows. The Addams Family and The Musters will give you solidarity when facing Post Halloween Depression. Morticia and Lily Munster know how you feel! Have a monthly or bi-weekly movie night. Date Night? You can rotate between a romantic outing on the town and staying home for a tasteful spooky classic. Alone? Have a solo movie night and pamper yourself.

When December arrives focus on winter wonderment. I personally try to avoid heavy themes of Santa and other highly commercial Christmas decor.  However I have had to make a compromise with the family. We still have a small Christmas tree, I would prefer to only have wintery or log cabin themed decor during the cold months in the northern mid-west. I have found I continue to enjoy the spirit of Father Christmas, therefore I raise my hot chocolate mug to this benevolent archetype.  I myself am a Christian and Easter is the most spiritual day for me personally, out of the year.

Appreciate the magic of each season. Autumn for us Halloweenies is the most wonderful time of year! Yet, each season gives contrast and dynamics in life. Make a bucket list for each season. This will give you a sense of anticipation. Winter is a time to cozy up with hot chocolate by the fireplace. Spring is a month of rejuvenation. A time to rethink health, fitness and to remove excess clutter in our homes.  Summer has fireflies  glowing on a warm evening and smores are roasted over a campfire.  This makes the season of Halloween that much more profound! Pinterest is the best place to find these lists.

2015-07-25 Catholic Cemitary Ass-Rain 01-B&W

*Photo by husband Sage San Martin, Catholic Cemetery Association,  Fort Wayne, IN  -2015

After the winter frost visit a local cemetery, or go on a road trip to a historic spooky local. If you live in a climate that has four seasons most likely you’ll want to ride out the snowy weather until spring. That’s when you can reward yourself with a mysterious outing.  Check google maps for local cemeteries then expand your search to nearby cities.

Set goals for the year, month and day. A cure-all for any form of depression is to get excited about the future. This is your most powerful way to combat Post Halloween Depression. See your life as a story and think about the legacy you would like to leave behind. Time can quickly slip away. We must purposefully live out each day working toward our lifetime goals, as well as tackling necessary tasks we would rather put off. If you don’t know what your working toward that’s OK! Just try to make some kind of action daily on a small creative, domestic or entrepreneurial task. Log by log a cozy secluded cabin was built by philosophical writer Henry David Thoreau,  (affiliate link to the book Walden) in his quest for simplicity.

Appreciate present moments. Now your equipped with glimmers of hope to keep you going all year long. Your morning coffee ritual. The music that motivates you on Spotify.  The momentary golden hues of sunrise and sunset.  Orange, brown and purple leaves of fall, spiny trees of winter, busy morning birds of spring, and outdoor picnics in the summer.

Until the next Halloween season arrives…

Stay creative and spooky!

Rain San Martin

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