Paper Clutter Management

Post and Video by Rain San Martin

Welcome to the Parlor! One of my key motives for writing a blog and having a YouTube channel is accountability.  When one researches a subject, takes action steps, then shares what they have learned, big changes can happen. I have seen a gradual improvement in the order and management of the home over these last few years. Flylady is know for her wise statement: “Progress not perfection.” Marla Cilley has always emphasized the importance of staying on top of paper-clutter. By the way I just preordered her latest book:  The CHAOS Cure: Clean Your House and Calm Your Soul in 15 Minutes (affiliate link). I still have boxes I need to work through in the basement from years past, yet I’m making headway.

Here’s how I manage my paper-clutter:

*Sort incoming mail as soon as it comes in. Immediately place junk mail in recycling. Put bills to pay or paperwork to process in “inbox”.

*Once bills are paid place them into an extra large manila envelope. 10 x 13 (affiliate link) is the perfect size as it allows for breathing room.   Label each envelope with two months and the year. For example: Bills / Important Papers 2018 Nov/Dec. 

*Shred papers with sensitive information. Here’s a link to the nearly identical model I have: Fellows Powershred 7C (affiliate link)

*Reduce incoming mail. Remove yourself from mailing lists, pay bills online and so forth.*Store Memorabilia into the same sized 10 x 13 clasp envelopes. Place the name of the person and the year on each envelope.  Each family member should be given a wooden crate (more vintage style) or plastic bin. Place the memorabilia envelopes into the bin. Over time you may have to purchase more containers or reduce these papers. Have an enchanting week,Rain San Martin


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