Life Before the Internet!

2019-06-19-Life Before the Internet

Post and YouTube Video by Rain San Martin

(Warning. Prepare for an early 1990s flashback!)

Today trance-like eyes glaze as the masses plug-in to the matrix for search, news, banking, shopping, email, social connections and entertainment. Yet…before the Information Super highway reached ubiquity in the mid to late 1990s, society interacted in this earthy plane, on a more tactile level. Though we may dramatically reduce the amount of time we spend online, much of the infrastructure has changed the way we do banking, correspondence and research. Discovering or revisiting how people lived their lives before the internet, is a great way to learn how to live a vintage or unplugged lifestyle. Yet do note that some of these alternatives were simply using a different technology at the time, such as a fax line, television or CD-rom.

Here is a list of modern technologies (Circa 2019) and their former method of achieving that information or utility during the early 1990s:

*Google search: The library or interview.

*Map Quest: Thomas Guide, map or verbal directions.

*Online news: News paper, TV Broadcast, radio

*Movie show times online search: Saw showtimes in newspaper or called for automated list.

*Amazon: Mail order catalog

*Blogs: Magazines

*Phone number lookup: Phone book telephone directory

*Video Streaming: Block Buster video rental, TV broadcast

*Online gaming: PC software, home video game console system, video game arcade.

*Email /  Texting:  Landline telephone, office memo, regular post office mail.

*Online Job Application Form: Painstakingly filled job application out by hand. Searched listings in newspaper.

*Online banking: Mailed in check, balanced check book. Visited ATM or bank teller to deposit.

You can view my YouTube video, Life Before the Internet, here.